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Inter school student desk

International school student desk and chair


Standard type


Classic type ( PARA WOOD )


Custom type ( your own specification, design )

Is a student desk and chair specially style that looks different As shown in the picture, the size is for children from grade 8 to grade 13. (Equivalent to junior high school - high school).

With special features as follows

1. Extra large front desk, width 70 x 40 cm, can be placed in both school books and notebooks / tablets at the same time

2. The drawer is 11 cm height. Can store school bags or notebook computers.

3. The table has wooden blinds for neatness.

4. Student steel table legs are beautiful and strong for weight support.

5. The end of the table has a leveling button for adjusting the height for the student size.
Do not let the knee stick to the table too much or use to adjust the level if the area is low in height.

6. The seat and back against the chair Is trapezoidal Supporting student size, Thai children to western children

Table height for grades 2 - 7 is 65 cm + 20 mm (equivalent to primary school)

Table height for grades 8 - 13 is 75 cm + 20 mm (equivalent to the secondary level)

Floor height - Chair pad for grades 2 - 7 is 38 cm + 20 mm (equivalent to primary school)

Floor height - Chair seats for grades 8 - 13 are 45 cm + 20 mm (equivalent to the secondary level)

Customers can also Choose to adjust other details such as TOP color, table-chair, such as white, green, blue,
orange or wood pattern, size, shade, table size or chair, etc.

Price for table set - student chair grade 2 - 7 = 1,800 baht

Price for table set - Student Chair Grade 8 - 13 = 2,000 baht

Group Student desk


Is a long student desk suitable for classrooms, groups or large classrooms.

With shelves for convenience / color, table and shelves can be selected

Standard size is 40 x 120 x 75 cm for 2 seats (can choose to order size)

Starting price = 1,800 baht

The below Model without a shelf (can be made into a folding leg + price 300 baht per person)


You may choose a chair 3 types as follows ( can also choose color to match the desk)


          750  baht                           650  baht  

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