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Colorful Student Desk (BBL)

Colorful Student Desk ( Single )

         No drawer style             With drawer open rear style      With drawer normal style     


No drawer style  

Kindergarten size : 850 baht (White color price only)

Primary - Secondary school size  : 950 baht (White color price only)

( Other color add more 250 baht each set)

With drawer style  

Primary - Secondary school size  : 1,050 baht (White color price only)

High School size : 1,200 baht (White color price only)

( Other color add more 250 baht each set)

Please select the color from the table below of this page

* This kind of student desk is now become popular among many school, as it looks colorful and cleanable. Mostly used in Gifted class and Computer class.

Customer can choose for the desk with/ without drawer and select either the desk stand for square steel or circle steel.

For the size detail is as below:

Kindergarten size:

Table width 60 * depth 40 *height 54 cm. ; Chair width 32 * depth 34 *height 62 cm.

Primary - Secondary school size  :

Table width 60 * depth 40 *height 67 cm. ; Chair width 36 * depth 36 *height 73 

High school size: 

Table width 60 * depth 40 *height 76 cm. ; Chair width 36 * depth 40 *height 85 

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Other style ( High school size)


              price 1,250 baht                                                  price 1,100 baht

Special style


              price 1,500 baht

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