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Lecture Chair

 Our factory produced a variety of model of college lecture chairs and company training lecture chairs for delivery to schools ,universities and famous company in Thailand.

  We produce variety ph model such as  Wooden Lecture Series, Lecture with backrest Polypropylene body, Lecture plastic seat and backrest. And other formats as needed.

Customize Lecture chair


The product above is a customize lecture chair which has big size of arm space, usefully for a user as you can place a computer notebook on the top. Also there is a bottom grille for placing baggage, suitable for schools, universities or agencies that need to arrange exam rooms, seminar rooms or classrooms with limited space ( We can make a lecture arm for students or those who are left-handed, too)

 price 1,800  Baht

Wooden lecture chair (mostly used in thai public High school)

 Size 50*63*81 cm [ W*D*H]  price 700  Baht

Other lecture chair 

TL 01 price 750  baht          TL 02 price 950  baht 

TL 03 price 850  baht          TL 04 price 820  baht 

TL 05 price 730  baht          TL 06 price 750  baht

TL 07 price 850  baht          TL 08 price 950  baht

** Price as above are for products with Metal stand Covered by Epoxy Coloring.

If customer needs for  products with Metal stand Covered by Silver Chromium Coloring

there will be additional price for 150 baht.

For Plastic Seat color, please see below:

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